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Atharva Neurocare Invitation


Dear friends looking forwards for your presence and blessings on the auspicious occasion of inauguration of my new clinic ‘Atharva Neuro Care’. Please consider this as personal invitation.
Date: 10th Feb 2019
Time: 9am to 2 pm
Place: Atharva neuro care, 203, spectrum, near vivekanand chowk, Memnagar, Ahmedabad.

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What Causes Head & Face Pain?


What Causes Head & Face Pain?

Pain, simultaneously in head and face can be sharp, severe sudden like electric shock sensation. It is due to “Trigeminal Neuralgia”. Caused due to irritation of fifth Cranial nerve near brain storm. It can be due to tumor or vessel loop compressinary nerve. Surgery (MVD) is a good option if Medicines fail to cure it.

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Face Ache


Sharp shooting sudden, electric shock like pain in the face is due to Trigeminal Neuralgia. Its due to chronic irritation of the fifth Cranial Nerve treatment includes medication initial stages and later surgery (MVD) if medicines fail. It can be due to brain tumor around the nerve or compression due to vascular loop.

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When a Headache is Dangerous?


a. Chronic Persistent Headache especially early morning and accompanied with vomiting can be due to Brain Tumor.
b. Sudden severe Headache with limb weakness or Drowsiness may be due to Brain Hemorrhage.
c. Sudden, Sharp, Shooting Pain can be due to ‘Trigeminal Neuralgia’.

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Can a Desk Job Cause Back Pain?


Can a Desk Job Cause Back Pain?

() Back pain is due to bad posture while sitting

() Excessive bending forwards or slouching on Chair promotes back pain.

() Seat should be soft and comfortable

() Height and size of chair are also important.

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