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Nipah virus is a lethal virus which can cause death in healthy people in few days.


Neurologist, Neurology

Causes of neuropathy


Neuropathy is very common. Most of us have experienced numbness in feet on sitting with crossed legs. This is due to transient dysfunction of nerves due to pressure. It is normal.

dysfunction of nerves.

Two types of nerves: sensory and motor.

burning pain
tingling / numbness in hands and feet
weakness in hands and feet
fail of chappals
painless ulcer

Treatment should be urgent, else nerve damage can be permanent.

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Bell’s palsy is sudden onset facial asymmetry due to dysfunction of facial (7th cranial) nerve


Bell’s palsy is sudden onset facial asymmetry due to dysfunction of facial (7th cranial) nerve. Mostly occurs in young people. Mostly to viral infection. People are afraid whether it is stroke. Remember if u cannot close one eye, then mostly it is bell’s palsy and not a stroke. Urgent treatment of bell’s palsy is necessary to prevent permanent damage.

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Types of brain tumors

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I often see patients with headache who are worried whether they have a brain tumor. Only 10% patients with brain tumors present with headache. Most other headaches are primary and not serious. However if along with headache there is slurred speech, double vision, weakness in arm or leg, convulsions then there could be brain tumor. Read More